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InuYasha Claims!

Claim what you can, they're going fast!

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Welcome fellow InuYasha fans, to InuYasha Claims!

Please join and enjoy your stay, and please take the time to read the rules, which are listed below:

1. You MUST be a member to claim something. If you leave/delete your journal, you forfit your claims.

2. Please POST your claims, do NOT comment in someone's entry/the claims list.

3. Each person gets two character claims, a couple claim, and an item claim! These can be whoever/whatever you want, even the couple claim. I don't care if it's InuYasha+His big toe, it's your choice!

Also, when it comes to characters, variatons of characters (Hanyou, Human, and Youkai InuYasha, for example) can be claimed separately. The same thing goes for items (old, red, and transformed Tetsuaiga).

Certain Shikon Shards can be claimed as well, examples being- Kohaku's Shikon shard, Kouga's Shikon shard in his left leg, one of Naraku's many shards.

4. Don't seek holy vengance against someone who got a claim before you. First come, first serve. Also, on the same note, don't rag on someone for claiming a strange or unusual couple. It's a free world and others are allowed to express it that way.

5. Claims can be un-claimed and changed. Just tell me when you do that, okay?

6. Have fun with your claims! XP Go CRAZY! I know I will.

7. Advertizing of other claiming communities is ALLOWED, just as long as you are advertizing a claims community and nothing more.

Also, anyone who helps out with the community will be subjected to extra claims :D (such as icons, banners, compeating in contests) Any help is much appriciated, seeing that I'm not too good with icons right now.

And don't forget to promote the community! ^^ This makes our community GROW!

This community is run by butterflysenshi.